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Website Design

Design of any website plays a vital role in holding the visitor to the website; you´ll find several companies which state that they are one of the best web design companies in Dubai but here comes the million dollar question are they really the best web design company in Dubai or Abu Dhabi?
Either if they are the best company, are they compatible to understand and fulfill your requirements? Most these companies will tell you that the look and feel of the website put no impact on the sales. What they will not tell you, that a website design is not all about Photoshop. It´s about understanding the consumer´s psychology, holding them on your website and pushing to make a sale.
We don´t say that we are the best Dubai web design firm however; we are the one who can make your website the best as we have a team of highly skilled graphic designers, who are able to think out of the box and are not bind to the traditional designs only.

Front-End Design

After understanding your niche and your requirements, our graphic designers will design a Wireframe Layout which will ease the design process. Once the layout is approved, the design team will come up with a unique frontend design for your website.
We normally provide up to three mockup samples, you may select any of them and ask for revisions until and unless you´re 100% satisfied with the results!

Responsive Coding

After your approval over the design, UBM static coders will start the Html, CSS, and JavaScript etc. which are termed as static coding. Static coding will give you a much closer view of the look and feel of your website as you will be able to see the design of the inner pages, categories, specific sections etc.
On the other hand, responsive coding with Html5 and CSS3 will make your website compatible with Smart Devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android Phones and Tablets etc.

Final Word

Once your website is gone through all these processes, we will quality check the site and will forward it to the development team.

How We Work:

One of our project managers will understand your requirements, will research on your competitors, understand your niche and the design team will come up with a unique and appealing website design for your business.